Favourites option

To make your search fast and easy, you can shortlist the ads or profiles you are interested in and make a " favourite list" and refer to them whenever needed.

The advantage of the favourites list, is that it allows you to send bulk messages to all users you are interested in at once.

To "favourite" a listing you need first to be registered with the website, then go to your search page and click on the heart-shaped icon when you see a nice ad or profile 

How to contact using the favourite option (for Premium users):

As explained above, you should first go to your search page and add listings to your favourites.

Once you are on the favourite page, you can either select user by user or select all of them by clicking on " Select All". 

To proceed, click on " Send email" and you will be able to type the message and send to all of the users selected.

After contacting someone, you will see the message " User already messaged" on his ad or profile.

You can remove an ad or profile from your favourites list, simply by clicking on the heart icon.

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