Creating a search profile

To create your profile, go to the Homepage, enter a city or a neighbourhood and click on “Search”, fill in the short registration form and click on “Create profile”.

Your Roomgo profile is a great way to advertise yourself as a roommate or sharer and to be successful in your search, it is very important to have a detailed and complete profile. Having an advert that just says "  Looking for a double room" will not quite help you get the best results. 

Roommates with no profile description or profile picture are less likely to find their room with us. The more information you reveal the better the chance of finding a suitable room.

The ad needs to have at least 3 different information:
  • Location where you want to live
  • What you are looking for
  • Something about you as a description


In the  description box, you can include:
  • Who you are. Age, gender, employment status, where are you from, what are your interests, why are you moving? 
  • What you are looking for. Room size, single or double, furnished or unfurnished, amenities and facilities available, etc. 
  • Where specifically would you like to live.
  • Who would you like to share with. Age group, gender, employment status, interests, would you prefer somewhere quiet, a family home or a party house etc.


If you have previously had an account with Roomgo, when you enter your email address, the system will alert you with this message «You are already registered with this email. Log in now ». At this point just enter the password you used previously to log in or click on the link to retrieve it.

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